Delivering videos and animations that help you convert

your video animation experts

Why do we call ourselves wizards?

Innovative, immersive, and distinct videos that covert is what our animation wizards can conjure for you. Custom videos that put forth a call to action are what our design wizards are known for. Capturing the target audience via visuals, we help you meet your revenue targets like it were never difficult. Our digital artists ensure that the visuals are reflective how the brilliance our customers possess on a visceral level.

We create customized videos that increase customer engagement in your brand.

Our Mission

Being a part of the fast-growing digital marketplace, we aim to provide innovative, custom, and creative graphic and animated solutions to our clients that help them increase customer engagement, translating into greater revenues.

Our Vision

To create an ecosystem enriched with creativity that helps businesses put forth their ideas with the help of visuals. Our ideas will scream success for your business.

Our Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Guaranteed conversion
  • Deliver what is promised
  • Customer satisfaction

Our Top Management

Our team comprises top-notch artists who have been among the pioneers of the virtual video animation industry and thus pride ourselves as animation wizards.


Mary Robert

Head of Story Line


Alan Maxwell

Brand Manager


Linda Thomason

SFX Specialist


Kyle Walker

Creative Director

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